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Benefits of using a Lovely cock ring

Cock rings are the third most popular category of sex toys not without a reason. They provide a variety of sexual benefits for both partners, making them a great sex toy for couples. Lovely is a sex toy for couples … Read MoreRead More

Lovely Read: Buying Sexy Lingerie – What Your Behaviour Reveals About You

Brooke, 22 years old former Sales Associate from Victoria’s Secret, reveals surprising secrets she learned during her 3 year long career at the go-to place for sexy underwear. She could spot a cheater based on what he or she bought, could tell if … Read More

Hello Lovely. Have a Better Sex Life

Hello Lovely, it’s nice to e-meet you. I’m Jakub, Founder of Lovely Inc., the company behind Lovely – world’s first smart wearable sex toy for couples that makes sex even better. Before we continue, let’s agree on one thing. Sex … Read More